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Aimee Elizabeth Bubblis

Based in Ringgold, LA, USA

Hi! My name is Aimee, and I am a freelance videographer and editor. I am from Louisiana, but I love to travel. I try to travel to new places whenever I can. I love to watch movies and drink hot tea in my spare time. I produce, shoot, and edit wedding videos, short films, music videos, commercials, and more. Most recently, I have worked as a cinematographer on a feature-length film shot in Houma, LA, called Dear Kate,.


I have loved films ever since I was a little girl. The movies have always been an escape for me, and I always knew I wanted to be a part of that world. I decided to go to the University of New Orleans to get a BA in Film, and I discovered that I find so much joy in telling stories through the lens of a camera! I am absolutely so blessed that life has brought me to the point where I can work for myself and MY brand - AEB Films (2018)!

Telling stories through the art of videography/cinematography is my passion, and I love sharing it with others!

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